JJ Redick was built to be a basketball player. He plays the position of guard and is 6 foot 4 inches tall. He played at the Cave Spring high school and went to Duke to play college basketball. He had a great basketball career at Duke and had many accomplishments as a college player.
At duke Redick was the National Player of the Year more than once. He was only the second player in and only the eight player overall in college basketball to be a repeated National Player of the year. In addition to this honor he was named the ACC Player of the Year and he made the preseason All American team.
Redick is said to have one of the best shots in the county. He has a great range and can dunk the shots and shoot them from down the field as well. He has one of the top percentages for free throws at .938 percent. He was able to score 1,805 points in his college career therfore  making him the 15th player in the history of Duke. He is the leading scorer in the ACC and has a very high percentage of completed three point shots. At this time he is second in Duke and sixth in the history of the ACC with 318 three point completed shots.
This Duke players has other accomplishments in his college basketball career as well. His jersey was retired when he was drafted and very few numbers are drafted at the college level. Since his freshman year he was setting records at this college. He helped the team win a championship game by scoring 30 points alone. By the time he reached his junior year he was promoted to be a co captain of this team. He was the captain during his senior year along with some other team members.
During the last season in college Radick had a great season. He made 15 three point shots and was able to score record breaking points during a game. He has the record for starting the highest number of games for Duke. Even as a college freshman he was a starter on the basketball team. This is not something that is too common for freshman.
For some reason JJ became the most hated player in college basketball. He had so many skills and was breaking records left and right. Fans of opposing teams did not like him but that did not matter. It did not stop his talent and stop him from going onto the NBA to have a great career. He was winning a number of awards for his talent and it was almost a shutout for other players during his college career.
These are some of the accomplishments that JJ Redick has while he was attending college at Duke University. He broke or tied a number of records at this school and led the team onto great success. He will be remember in the history books at Duke for many years to come.