The Los Angeles Clippers seem to be having a tough time. They have been plagued by injuries and a breakup of core players. The players for the Clippers now, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan can win championship games with their talent. These players have seen various injuries during the season which does not help their chances at all.
The team is looking pretty good for 2016. They are adding some players to the mix including Jamal Crawford, JJ Redrick and Raymond Felton. The clippers have not seen too much success over the past time. The team has been featured in a playoff position for the past couple of years. The team is not looking too bad for the 2016-2017 season.
The Clippers have a pretty good team all the way around. While they may not have a big name player all of the team is pretty good at their sport. There are some that stand out but the team as a whole is talented. Some of their top players include Alan Anderson, Crawford, Austin Rivers, Wesley Johnson, and Brandon Bass. The team was able to pick up Brice Johnson who although is a rookie still has a lot of talent. When these layers are put together along with the rest of the team there is a lot of talent in one place. These players are continuing to grow and are able to work together as a team.
One of the top players on the team, Jordan is getting better over the past couple of seasons. His points per game have increased as well as his assists. He is a great rebounder and is supporting the team. He is still going to need to improve his skills. While the offense is good they cannot just rely on one player to make all of the shots especially if he has off days.
The Clippers do not have an easy season ahead of them. They are going to have a hard time in the Western Conference. Included in this conference are the Warriors, Spurs, Thunders, Jazz, and Trail blazers. The western teams still outperform the teams in the Eastern Conference which makes it a harder task for the Clippers to come out ahead.
The Clippers did make some improvements during the post season and last season they were able to make it all the way to the NBA finals. They will be a tough competition for the Eastern teams including the Cavaliers. The Clipper players cannot seem to avoid injury. Injuries have affected them over the past three seasons. Fans are hoping that this year despite any injuries the team may be faced with they can make it all the way to the playoffs and possible even the final game.
Critics of the game do not see a season as to why the Clippers cannot go far during the 2016- 2017 NBA basketball season. As a group they are just as good if not better than the other teams that are in the league.